13th + station = 13thstation

13th – People say 13 is the Unlucky Number, but we say Number means nothing, it’s Just a Number.
We don’t bElieve in Bad or Good Numbers or Bad or Good Days.
For us any number iS fine and any day is good.
We Directly deal with the LIVING GOD & not with nUmbers
So we have deliberately chosen the unlucky number 13.
Again Station means a station where people come & go.

13thstation was founded in 2005 by  Daniel S  who actually was a service engineer for UPS(Uninterrupted Power Supply) in the company called Alpha Zee System. Then quit the Service Job & did the course in Multimedia(Microcell). Later, started looking for a innovative & creative job & finally found a job in BMI as a Graphic Designer & then switched to Editing Because it was more fun & challenging. Also it was completely fun filled with passion.

Films were started with AV’s, Corporate Films, Fashion Show Edits, Documentary, Serials. Film makers in Bangalore really loved the edits & started getting more & more & more films. Most of the time was spent in a editing room. My boss often used to tell me that I’m a workholic maniac. The Journey as a Editor was successful & slowly set up a small studio & then little bigger place in the center of Bangalore & started taking up the whole Video production in making films. Every film we do is a challenge to explore the limit of creativity & technology. We have done most deadline projects with a great success. We give attention even to the smallest of details. Today’s more sophisticated world requires higher visibility. That means you need corporate video solutions that aren’t merely presentments.

2000+ completed projects

200+ Corporate clients

500+ Customers

Today, 13thstation has ventured into many other verticals like Video Editing Suite, Audio Recording, Voice Dubbing, Chroma Shoot, Web Design, Graphic Design, and all Camera & Shooting Equipments.


We undertake services like :

Video Productions
Corporate Films, Ad films, Documentary films, Av’s, TV Commercials, Short films, Motivational Videos, Client Testimonial Videos, Explainer Video, Candid Photo-shoots, Product shoot, Live Web streaming, Pre-Wedding Video, Human Resources, Customer Services, Induction Trainings, Technical Trainings, Sales Trainings, Marketing Trainings, Leadership Management, Product Training Video
Video/Audio Editing Suite
Video Editing , Graphics, Sound recording, Voice Over, Audio Dubbing, all these services on per hour basis.

2D/3D Logo Animation, 3D Architectural Visualization, Explainer Videos,
White Board Animations, Info graphics, Motion Graphics,
Stop Motion Animations, Architectural Walkthrough & Special Visual Effects

Renting a camera is even much easier now!

We offer Aerial Photography, Cinematography and Audio Visual Services for Corporate, Ads, and Documentaries along with our unbeatable Cameras, Lenses, Gopro, Mics, Lights, Slider, Drone, Crane, Teleprompter and Equipment Rental Services.

There are various factors that make renting better than buying a camera. Technology advances rapidly making your existing cameras obsolete in no time. Also, renting a camera turns out to be much cost effective than buying the entire set complete with accessories. 13thstation is the only aggregator that can offer Cameras, Lenses, Gopro, Mics, Lights, Slider, Drone, Teleprompter on short and medium rentals. We highly encourage both amateur Cinematographers & professional photographers to rent cameras, so that they can fully utilize the upcoming technologies.

You choose what you want, when you want and how long you want to rent it for. You  can call us and book the item.